Keep yourself up to date

The web is an extremly rapidly evolving universe

We need a recipe

Follow these simple steps

  • Follow cool people
  • Find the best sources
  • Attend conferences
  • Get your own sources
  • Backup your knowledge

Follow cool people

Find the best sources


Attend conferences

Get your own sources

Addy Osmani

These days I find myself heavily relying on Twitter lists and G+ circles to keep up to date with what's happening on the front-end.

Really? Okay..

Alex Sexton

The only way that I've found that I'm able to stay up to date is by creating... When I want to learn something, I'll just start a project with it, and along the way I'll figure out the other tools I need to be successful.

Cody Lindley

As part of my daily activities, I spend 20 to 30 minutes reviewing twitter and RSS feeds... From time to time I pick a coding, or writing, project and focus all of my spare time in this area. When I'm feeling burnt out I'll attend a conference so that I can be inspired by ideas and people. And when I am really bored I start looking into practices that cross over into my area of expertise.

Backup your knowledge

Put the Internet to work for you

Remember Everything

Play, fail, succeed, share, repeat.